Tobi Michael Babalola BTM Quotes

“The heights achieved by Great Men, were not attained by sudden flight, but with; Discipline, Definition of Purpose, Focus, Proper planning, Determination and the God factor, they could climb Mountains farther than their eye could see”. – BTM




12 July 2015, marked the end of the 129th lawn Tennis Grand slam event (the Wimbledon) that started on 29 June 2015. Wimbledon 2015 was characterised by diverse emotions, comments, world records, increased fan base and above all, victories.
Wimbledon Tennis grand slam was founded in 1877, amongst other tennis grand slam events like the Australian Open, French Open, US Open; it’s the oldest tennis tournament in the world played outdoors on grass at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club at the church Road, SW 19, Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom. Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious tournament, also notable for the absence of sponsor advertising around the courts.
This year’s event witnessed the award of 26.75 Million Pounds Prize money to all winners of the different categories, with winners from the Men and Women singles category winning cash Prizes of 1.88 Million Pounds each. The competitions’ categories are;
Men’s Singles
Women’s singles
Men’s Doubles
Women’s Doubles
Mixed Doubles
Boys’ Singles
Girls’ Singles
Girls’ Doubles
Boys’ Doubles
Gentlemen’s invitation Doubles
Ladies invitation Doubles
Senior Gentlemen’s invitation Doubles
Wheel chair Men’s Doubles
Wheel chair Women’s Doubles.
The final rounds witnessed the unveiling of champions especially the most popular categories (Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles). 21 year old Garbine Muguruza made her first debut at the finals representing her country Spain but however lost to World Number one Serena Williams. Serbia’s Novak Djokovic retaining the title for the second time defeated Switzerland’s Roger Federer 7-6, 6-7, 6-4, 6-3. Check out the glamorous event in Pictures. Photo Credit to #WIMBLEDON2015. Ff: @Wimbledon on Twitter.
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Closure of Banks in Greece for nearly a fortnight and limits placed on cash with demands, has propped-up issues and questions on whether the proposed plan of the Alexis Tsipras led parliamentary Government in changing over the Greek currency from Euro to probably Drachma or Bitcoin as the case may be will be a preferable solution in ending the Greek economic crisis. Greece is located in South-eastern Europe with a population of over 11 million people. Having declared independence from the Ottoman Empire on the 25 March 1821, the country’s capital has remained Athens till this day, with a Total GDP as at 2015 estimated to be $294 billion (US Dollars), two of the country’s main source of revenue are tourism and shipping, with transactions made in her official currency which is Euro. (*On this day, 10 July 2015, Greece had proposed to have her own currency)
The Greek debt crisis is not a recent occurrence, it started in 2009, which was basically caused by the turmoil of the great economic recession that hit Europe and most parts of the world, an uncontrolled looming structural weakness in the Greek economy and a sudden crisis in confidence among lenders. This downturn has caused a serious catastrophe in the country’s economic activities, leading to closure of Banks and its aftermath devastating implications. On 30 June 2015, the Greece debts had increased to 323 billion Euros resulting to austerity proposals from the country’s lenders which were rejected by Greek Voters in a referendum. The economic woes have been linked to Tax Evasion which was prevalent in the country and according to Transparency International’s corruption perception index, Greece with a score of 43/100, in 2014 ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the EU, at par with Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. In a move to end the downturn, solutions have been proffered, one of which is the International Bailout which has been rejected and a more controversial suggestion which is the changeover of her currency from Euros to probably Drachma has opened the flood gates of divergent opinions, that should Greece be going the other direction, leaving a widely circulated, strong currency for an untested new one, during a period of political strife and economic imagedownturn?
In my opinion, the idea of having a home grown currency is a good step in the right direction towards achieving economic independence, a further increase in export and the creation of a platform for fair competition with other economies. Political critics could see this as a move tilting towards a future retraction from the European Union. However, considering the economic state of Greece and the financial strength required in printing currencies and further economic measures in preventing inflation and its ripple effect, a currency changeover is not the best option at this time. The Greek economy future isn’t bleak yet, solutions are still been proffered as the country has submitted plans for economic reforms to the euro zone in finding a long lasting solution to her earth shaking financial crisis.


BP plc, a UK oil and gas company is dissatisfied over the cost awarded for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010, which killed 11 people and triggered the worst offshore oil spill in America’s history.
Four years after the spill, BP is engaged in a legal battle over a $7.8bn compensation settlement struck in 2012 which it claims is being unfairly interpreted.
On Monday evening the Fifth Circuit judges in an eight to five majority decision declined to hear BP’s case again in an “en banc” review by the whole court, leaving the company with the option only of going to the Supreme Court to continue its legal battle.
The company said:
No company would agree to pay for losses that it did not cause, and BP certainly did not when it entered into this settlement.
The Supreme Court now has to decide whether to hear the case.
Also, a decision by U.S. District Judge Keith Ellison in Houston has allowed a group of BP Plc shareholders to pursue a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of misleading them by understating the severity of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
In the shareholder case, BP claimed that class certification could unfairly reward investors because the spill was hard to contain, not because it made misleading statements, and because its corrective disclosures addressed a variety of other issues.


I read this broadcast message, you need to read it too: THE NIGERIAN MESSAGE. “To Mum,she’s an Angel! To Dad, a Princess, To Brothers, a Priceless Jewel,To Sisters, a Best Friend! To Aunt’s and Uncles an Adorable Sweet Niece!!! I am certain everyone reading this has one! A girl child, a joy to the world! To be pampered, protected and loved! Over 200 of this precious ones abducted and taken away from their loved ones, forced to become Sex Slaves,Cooks, Maids, and every unimaginable thing to Dark, Evil, Demented, Dirty TERRORISTS! What a Tragedy! Yes, they seem far away in Borno born to Poor Ordinary People BUT just like you, to them these girls are Princesses, Angels, Priceless Jewels and Sweet Adorable Nieces! Don’t be numb to the Pain. 7days and counting and still no word! No Daily Progress Report or any kind of info from the Govt! This is Unacceptable ! I cannot launch a Rescue Mission and neither can You but Our Government can! The bucks stops at their table! Let’s come together and demand Action. Please re broadcast and mount the pressure. It works! Say a prayer and keep talking about it Until the Federal Government takes action and brings them home! Don’t do it for me, do it for the Girl Child in your life!”


FIFA (Federation Internationale De Football Association) is the international governing body of football activities in the world which came into existence on the 21st of May 1904.
The Body made a decision at the 12th Annual general meeting of IFAB (International FA Board), FIFA’S law making body on the 1st of March 2014, concerning inscriptions on under kits.
The decision was declared to the public by Fifa’s Secretary General, Jerome Valike: “players must not reveal under garments showing slogans or advertising. The basic compulsory equipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images”.
The meeting was held to review the laws of the game. The new rules will be strictly applied from the 1st day of June 2014
. Players in this summer’s world cup in Brazil will therefore be banned from displaying any messages (inscriptions) on under shirts.

Anti- Homosexuality Act in UGANDA (THE CONTROVERSY)


The Month of February witnessed the passage of the anti- homosexuality act earlier this week. The Ugandan government signed the anti-homosexual bill into law, in furtherance of abolishing homosexual acts, which is also being promoted by some African countries. The law was formally initialled at the state house in Entebbe by President Yoweri Museveni. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was born 15 August 1944, he is one of the longest serving African President, currently serving his 28th year in office, having assumed the position as president on the 29th of January 1986.


The law (anti-homosexuality act) and controversies 

At the state house in Entebbe, there was applause, Uganda Politicians celebrating the passage of the law, when Yoweri Museveni said: “society can do something about it to discourage the trend”. The law provides for “life imprisonment”, as punishment for acts of aggravated homosexuality and also criminalizes the promotion of homosexuality; therefore it becomes a criminal offence for anyone who does not report law breakers.

The government of Uganda has been appraised by some and criticised by others over the enactment of this law. The World Bank recently postponed the 54 million pounds loan, equivalent to $90 million US dollars, meant for Uganda’s health care system due to this law which is termed discriminatory and a violation of gay rights. The loan postponement follows the announcement by Norway and Denmark that they would hold back donations to Uganda.

N.B: 37 African countries have criminalised homosexuality in their laws

83 countries have outlaw homosexuality


  • Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu condemned the law saying: “there is no specific or moral basis ever for prejudice and discrimination”. He equalled discrimination against gay people with the horrors of Apartheid era in South Africa and Nazi system in Germany.
  • The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, sent an email to bank staffs that: “the bank opposes discrimination, and would protect the safety of all employees”.
  • United states President, Barack Obama had cautioned that the bill will be a backward step.
  • Uganda Politicians celebrate the passage of the law.
  • The sponsor of the Bill, MP David Bahati insisted that homosexuality was “a behaviour that can be learned and can be unlearned”.

Childs right protection #CHILD NOT BRIDE


(This article was written in Nigeria over arguments that ensued in 2013 on Child marriage)

Oxford advanced learners dictionary 6th edition defines child as “a young human being who is not yet an adult”. An adult is a fully grown person who is legally responsible for their actions. Also, laws defining who a child is have attributed Adult hood to the age of 18 (eighteen), therefore a child who hasn’t grown to the status of an adult is within the range of age 0 – 17.

Why then should we enforce marriage on a child who is not an adult, a child who is not legally responsible for his or her actions?


Marriage is the union of a man and woman of marriageable age with the exclusion of others. It is worthy to note that the only law that has direct application to children in Nigeria is the CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS LAW (CYPL), THE CHILDS RIGHT ACT 2003 IS ALSO APPLICABLE ON CHILDREN (SIGNED IN LAW ON THE 31ST DAY OF JULY 2003).

Flowing from the above crystal clear facts:

  • Marriage is the union of a man and woman, and not a boy AND girl
  • The respect, protection and enforcement of child’s right have from time immemorial being neglected by the government (in Nigeria, inclusive of federal legislators).

The essence of procreation has no universally accepted ground for ascertainment, opening the flood gates of arguments as to the responsibility of a child. But a child is expected to grow into an adult. Why then should responsibilities be conferred on someone, who is in entirety absolved of societal responsibilities?


  • It is highly despicable that a new born girl child is already hooked up with an older man even before the adolescent stage, not even the age of maturity.
  • This is child molestation in disguise, which must not be encouraged by the government
  • She is a child , not a bride
  • If she doesn’t know her right from her wrong, why then enslave her?
  • Can you as a father allow your only girl child’s dreams get shattered owing to the fact that she is already married at a tender age, or can you as a father allow your dreams of handling over your chains of businesses or company’s assets to your girl child vanish in a twinkle of an eye just because you got her married to your age mate, who dictates her actions, and sometimes inactions?

The Legal Perspective:

N.B: Reference not made to Islamic Law

Section 29 (4) of Nigeria’s constitution 1999, provides:

(4) For the purpose of subsection (1) of this section

(a) “full age” means the age of eighteen years and above;

(b) any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age.

In consonance with legally attested and established rules of interpreting a statute or any of its provisions, the Mischief Rule is applicable, requiring examination of the statutes purport and its provisions to know the reason for its enactment.

In view of this sub-section (4) (b), relied on, it does not provide a ground for legalising child marriage, as paragraph (b) examines renunciation of citizenship as to ascertain the full age of persons who can renounce their citizenship, section 29 (4) (a) has clearly stated full age to be eighteen(18) years. Also section 29 (4) (b) relied on refers to a woman and not a girl child.*This section in other to prevent absurdity is being construed to avert gender discrimination, prevalent in some parts of the country where women are being subjected to men or their husbands control and are deprived the privilege to exercise their rights. (Italics opinion mine).



The provisions of the constitution should not be read in-vacuo, construed in a way and manner that will result in absurdity. To prevent chaos, and conflict resultant arguments, the provisions of section 29 (4) (b) should be interpreted in the constitution or referenced in subsidiary legislations relating to discrimination. Gender equity/equality craved for should be deliberated upon in the hallowed legislative chambers and not abandoned to rust in the legislative trash can.